Banderas de Argentina torcidas


This photos were taken between the year 2014_2019 in diferents cities of Argentina.

1) Barrio de Saavedra, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018

2) Santa Clara del Mar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2016

3) Gomez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018

4) Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. 2018

5) Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017

6) Macachin, La Pampa, Argentina. 2019


"Argentinian Turning flags" book

Published by Punta Lara ediciones.

Punta Lara ediciones 021
60 pages.
Ink_jet color
50 copies. 


Book Launch at Printing Plant (Artbookfair Amsterdam, NL)

"Argentinian Turning flags" book presentation

November 24, 2019